Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
fun run slime safety information slime colour run battle Australia
fun run slime colour powder for colour run
Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, fun run slime safety information slime colour run battle Australia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, fun run slime colour powder for colour run
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!

Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!

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Fun Run Slime for fundraising events & fun runs!

Our Instant slime products have been specially designed to make huge quantities of runny, sloppy slime that is perfect for a range of memorable fundraising events. Kids absolutely love slime so a slime fundraiser is something that families will love to support and talk about for many years.

Buy Instant Slime (Battle Pack)

Our Instant Slime Battle Pack comes with 4 x 300 gram slime pouches in the one large package. Each pack contains 4 bright colours of slime powder (green, yellow, pink and blue). Simply add the powder to approximately 40L of water and stir it around to make 40L of colourful slime in each colour (160L of slime total). This package is perfect for fun runs as the small sachets make a perfect amount of slime for a large tub (like the ones shown in the pictures) and the kids will love the range of slime colours. 

More Slime Colours

Our Slime Expansion Pack is now available with 2 new colours, Purple and Orange. Click the link to add these new colours to your order - Slime Expansion Pack

Slime Colour Runs 

A few years ago Colour Powder runs became hugely popular at schools all around Australia. Kids would raise money to participate in a fun run in which they get covered in colour powder. The latest craze for kids to enjoy is a slime colour run. If you are looking for something different for your fun runs this year then a slime run could be the answer! Mix the fun run slime in large 40L tubs and then use water blasters to slime the participants as they run by. By the end of the race the runners will be happily covered in different slimy colours. Volunteers will enjoy spraying the spectacular slime as much as contestants will enjoy getting coated in slime. Guaranteed to be a Mighty Memorable experience for all involved. Buy our slime battle packs to set up your own slime run. Or if you would like help collecting the funds, organizing the day and arranging prizes, contact our friends at Australian Fundraising for a complete fundraising service. 

How much fun run slime do I need per participant?

It is entirely up to you how much slime you want to add into your event. Each bag of fun run slime powder makes a lot of slime, so slime blaster stations are a budget friendly option, guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment. If you decide to do a slime theme only, we suggest that you set up at least 4 slime stations, perhaps with a different colour of slime at each point. Alternatively some schools like to add a slime station or two, to their colour powder fun runs. If you are going with this option we suggest you put the slime stations before the colour powder stations. The two products work very well together. The slime will wet the participants in a sloppy goo, and then the colour powder will stick to the slime, ensuring the participants end up incredibly colourful. We have put together some simple slime calculations below to help you decide how much slime you may want for your event. 

Water blasters that are suitable for use as slime blasters, usually hold around 200-500ml of slime. If you want each participant to be sprayed at least once at each of the 4 slime stations, then you will want around 1L to 2L of slime per participant. Our slime battle packages make 40L of all 4 colours (160L total).

For a school of 100 kids we would suggest 1 slime battle pack.

For a school of 200 kids we would suggest 2 to 3 slime battle packs.   

For a school of 500 kids we would suggest 4 to 6 slime battle packs.

For a school of 1,000 kids we would suggest 8 to 12 slime battle packs.

How to set up a slime colour run station?

Setting up slime blaster fun run stations is a very simple process with Mighty Memorable Instant Slime.

What you need for a slime fun run?

  • 1 or more Instant Slime Battle Packages (containing 4 x 40L colour sachets) to suit the number of participants.
  • 4 x 50 or 60L tubs - at least one tub for each slime colour (these can be purchased at Bunnings warehouse, Kmart, Big W etc for around $4-$7 per tub). For large events you may want a few tubs for each colour at each station. 
  • At least 4 water blasters (effective blasters can be purchased at Kmart for $1 each, or found at discount stores, or more powerful blasters can be purchased from toy stores for up to $30 each).
  • Access to water (if you plan to set up on an oval away from taps, you may need a few long length hoses to run the water out). Otherwise set up you slime stations closer to the building where you have access to water.

To make things easy for you we have some pre-made bundles you can purchase that include the tubs and water blasters.

How to mix Instant Slime?

Add 40L of water to a tub. Lightly sprinkle in one slime powder sachet from the battle package (300gram of slime powder) into the water while mixing. Sprinkling the powder while mixing it in will help to avoid clumping. The product will instantly begin to transform into a colourful sloppy sludge. Break up any clumps with your hand and continue mixing. More or less water can be added to make a runnier or thicker consistency.

How to spray the slime? 

Any water blaster that is designed to suck up water and pump it back out again should work well with our Instant Slime. Make sure you have one or more volunteers (usually teachers, or parents) positioned with a slime blaster at each slime station. Once the slime is ready, they simply position the end of the blaster into the slime, pull back on the handle to suck the slime into the chamber, then blast it out at the participants as they run by. We suggest that slimers aim the slime at the body of the participants only to avoid spray in the eyes or ears. While slime in the face is unlikely to cause serious harm it may be uncomfortable for the participants. 

Slime Safety

Our Instant Slime is - 

  • Non sticky and non staining. It easily wipes off the skin and will wash out of clothes in a normal cycle.
  • Non Toxic, and biodegradable. MSDS and toxicological risk assessments can be supplied upon request. 
  • Compliant with the Toy Safety Standard in Australia and New Zealand - AS/NZS ISO 8124.1: 2019.
  • Non scented. Pet friendly. Gluten free.  

As mentioned above our slime in non toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and pet friendly. There are however a few safety tips to keep in mind when planning a slime fun run.

  • Slime in the eyes could be irritating. If a participant gets slime in their eyes rinse them with fresh water. We suggest slimers do not aim their slime blasters at the face. Eye protection or sun glasses could be considered in some instances.
  • Slime (like mud in a mud run) does get slippery. We suggest that slime stations be set up on soft grass tracks, on a straight section of the course, rather than on a curve. This will help prevent participants from slipping over on the bend.
  • The thicker the slime the more slippery it will become. As the days goes on it may make sense to move the slime stations to a new spot on the track to prevent too much slime from piling up in one area. Sand or dirt can also be sprinkled over the slime to help reduce the slipperiness. 

How to clean up slime after a fun run?

Cleaning up Instant Slime after a fun run is an easy process. The product is not harmful to the environment and will naturally break down over time. Please note that Fun Run Slime can be slippery, especially if left in thick piles on the ground. Excess slime should be swept into a thin layer and hosed down (this will help to dilute the slime and ensure it breaks down quickly). Thick slime can be scooped up and placed in non foot traffic areas (such as in garden beds, or along fence lines, where it can take its time to break down). Or you can cover the slime with dirt or sand to prevent the chances of slips after the event. Alternatively an exclusion zone could be set up around slime zones to prevent traffic through the area until the product has broken down. Thin layers of slime usually break down within a day or two, thick slime may take a few more days to break down. 

Slime clean up example - we recently did a large fun run at a school on the Gold Coast. Slime was sprayed at runners on a grass track for a couple of hours. After the event most of the slime was well spread out so it did not need much attention. The thin slime would not cause any harm and would quickly break down in the grass. We gave some thick areas a bit of a sweep to spread the slime thinner and hosed the slime into the grass. There were some thicker piles of slime that had spilled out of the tubs. We scooped this up at the end of the day and placed it along the large wooden fence line where it would be out of the way. We then spread some leaves over the top to hide the slime. The pack up took about 20-30 minutes.

Will fun run slime wash out of clothes, hair and skin?

Our Fun Run Slime was specially developed to be non sticky and non staining. After the event the slime will easily wipe off and hose off your body. Slime colours will come out of clothing in a standard machine wash and any minor colouring on the skin or hair will come out with a bit of soap or shampoo and a gentle scrub.

Slime the Headmaster, Teacher or Youth Pastor!

Slime the Headmaster, Teacher or Pastor days are becoming increasing popular at schools and churches in Australia and the USA. Imagine how excited the kids will get at the opportunity to watch their teacher, principal, head master or youth leader get covered in disgusting looking slime. These events always lead to uproarious laughter from the children involved. Slime the teacher days can be used as a fundraising initiative e.g. raise X amount of dollars to slime your teacher. The highest earner gets to slime the Headmaster. It is also a great reward activity for good behaviour, or meeting certain objectives through the school term.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Gittoes
Fantastic service and product

These guys went above and beyond. I ordered online and realised the sachets might not get to us in time for the event.
I sent an email asking if I could please pay express postage for my order and straight away, I was told that they’d send it straight away via express post. 2 days later the sachets arrived and worked perfectly on the day.
Will definitely use this company again.

Danika Mackenzie

Fun Run Slime - 4 Colours! Makes 160L of slime!

Anita Camilleri

Great product